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Table 5 Final diagnosis, clinical complications, and pulmonary function of the study bronchiectasis population (n = 1585)

From: Prevalence, causes, and chest sonographic findings of bronchiectasis among admitted patients in tertiary care hospital: 10 years’ experience

Study populationNumberPercentage
Final diagnosis
 COPD with bronchiectasis85854.1
 Post-tuberculous bronchiectasis27117.1
 Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis543.4
 Bronchial asthma362.2
 OHS, overlap syndrome120.7
 Kartagner syndrome110.6
 Systemic lupus erythematosus20.12
Clinical complications
 Respiratory failure101263.7
 Mechanical ventilation613.8
 Non-invasive ventilation291.8
 Decompensated cor pulmonale33521.1
 Long-term oxygen therapy1589.9
Pulmonary function
 Diffusion defect281.8
 Cannot be done16610.5
  1. OHS obesity hypoventilation syndrome