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Assessment of patients’ satisfaction in Ain Shams University Hospitals



There is increasing international interest in using subjective evaluations of health states by individuals. The main method using which user views of healthcare performance have traditionally been elicited is through the measurement of patients’ satisfaction, which is a valuable and widely used indicator of the quality of care and predictor of treatment compliance. The aim of this study was to assess the level of patients’ satisfaction as regards the provided healthcare services in Ain Shams University Hospitals based on the patients’ point of view.

Patients and methods

In this cross-sectional study, 321 inpatients and 353 outpatients participated in the assessment of patients’ satisfaction for the provided healthcare services at Al Demerdash University Hospital (DUH) and Ain Shams University Specialized Hospital (ASUH).


In DUH, it was found that inpatients’ satisfaction for physicians’ care of patients, nursing care, administrative facilities and physical environment was 61, 42, 52 and 46%, respectively, and outpatients’ satisfaction for the same domains was 70, 63, 38 and 38%, respectively. In ASUH, it was found that, inpatients’ satisfaction for the same domains was 81, 74, 71 and 72%, respectively, and outpatients’ satisfaction for the same domains was 71, 67, 60 and 38%, respectively.


The inpatients’ and outpatients’ questionnaires in both DUH and ASUH are simple, short and realistic and can be applied globally in governmental and private hospitals as a predictor for healthcare services.


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