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Impact of C-reactive protein and BMI on patient outcome in respiratory ICU in Abbassia Chest Hospital



C-reactive protein (CRP) is the most widely used biomarker of infection in critically ill patients and some data are available on the morbidity and mortality in obese patients in the medical intensive care setting, but it is widely held that their outcomes are poor.

Aim of the work

This study aimed to evaluate the impact of CRP and BMI on the outcome of patients admitted in the respiratory ICU (RICU) in Abbassia Chest Hospital.

Materials and methods

This prospective study was carried out on 71 patients admitted to the RICU at Abbassia Chest Hospital from January 2011 to July 2011. A full assessment of history, a thorough clinical examination, length of stay (LOS), and need for mechanical ventilation were assessed, and BMI and CRP were measured.


There was a highly significant correlation between BMI categories and outcome in which the mortality rate was high among underweight patients; there was also a significant correlation with complications, wherein septicemia was more common in underweight patients. Complications of mechanical ventilation were more common in morbidly obese patients and nosocomial infection was more common in obese patients. The results showed an insignificant correlation between smoking, need for mechanical ventilation, duration of MV, LOS in ICU, and outcome in terms of the CRP level.


The study concluded that CRP exerted an independent effect on the duration of mechanical ventilation (MV) and LOS in RICU. The mortality rate was high in underweight patients, but not in overweight, obese, or severely obese patients. Egypt J Broncho 2015 9:238–244


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