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Bronchoscopy as a salvage therapy in a mechanically ventilated status asthmaticus patient: A case report


A 23-year-old male patient presented with acute exacerbation of asthma with type 2 respiratory failure. He was mechanically ventilated and started on intensive medical therapy including nebulization with β2 agonists and antimuscarinic drugs, steroids, antibiotics and magnesium sulphate as per standard protocol. As there was no response to the abovementioned line of treatment, other nonstandard therapies such as intramuscular adrenaline and ketamine were also tried but to no avail. After a meticulous literature search, bronchoscopy was planned to look for any alternative diagnoses as well as to perform bronchial toileting. The patient showed dramatic improvement after the procedure, was subsequently extubated and discharged in stable condition. This case essays the significant role of bronchoscopy in refractory status asthmaticus patients, discusses the pathophysiological mechanisms addressed by bronchoscopic toileting and, furthermore, reviews the contemporary literature for evidence in its favour.


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