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Enormous thymolipoma: A case report


Thymolipoma is unusual benign mediastinal, slow-growing, encapsulated tumor of the anterior mediastinum with no tendency to recur after a complete surgical excision. Here, we report the case of an adult female who presented with progressive dyspnea of 2 months’ duration especially on lying down. Chest radiograph showed opacity occupying the entire left side. Computed tomography of the chest revealed a large mass on the left side with fat attenuation. Computed tomography-guided biopsy obtained was diagnosed as hyperplasic thymic tissue. The tumor was successfully removed surgically, and histopathological examination confirmed thymolipoma.


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Correspondence to Hoda A. Eid MD.

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The abstract was presented at the Al-Azhar Grand Round in February 2016, Cairo, Egypt.

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