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Outcome of patients with interstitial lung diseases admitted to the Respiratory Intensive Care Unit



Clinicians may face unique challenges while managing critically ill patients with interstitial lung diseases (ILD) admitted to respiratory intensive care units (RICUs).


The aim of the present study was to determine the outcome of ILD patients admitted to RICU as regards mortality rate and risk factors associated with mortality.

Patients and methods

Ninety-one patients with ILD admitted to RICU were prospectively recruited. We analyzed demographic data, pulmonary function test results, arterial blood gas values, therapeutic strategies, mechanical ventilation (MV) use, RICU and hospital duration, and mortality rates.


The RICU morality rate was 9.9%. Presence of hemophilia, renal impairment, low-diffusion lung capacity for carbon monoxide, and low arterial oxygen saturation were significantly more frequent among nonsurvivor compared with survivor patients. All nonsurvivor patients had pulmonary hypertension compared with 69% of the survivors, but without a significant difference. Fifteen percent of our patients received invasive MV. There were no significant differences between nonsurvivors and survivors as regards need for MV and duration of MV. Whereas patients with a positive history of previous MV had a significant survival time that was less than those with a negative history of previous MV. The duration of hospital and RICU stay were significantly longer in the survivors group compared with the nonsurvivors group (12.65±9.06 vs. 5.55±4.12 and 10.51±7.51 vs. 4.88±2.31, respectively).


Our study population showed very low RICU morality rate when compared with previous studies. Nonsurvivors had a shorter hospital and RICU stay, positive history of previous MV, lower diffusion lung capacity for carbon monoxide, and lower arterial oxygen saturation.


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