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Broncial stump aspergillosis, an unusual cause of hemoptysis, and review of the literature


Aspergillus species are ubiquitous dimorphic molds found in an environment. of the 250 species, few of them are pathogenic to human and can cause various lung involvements, tracheobronchial being one of the variant. Bronchial stumps and anastomosis are prone for fungal infection and can present with cough, hemoptysis, central airway obstruction and bronchopleural fistula with its highest incidence in patients with lung transplantation. Its occurrence in other types of lung surgery is very rare and 20 cases have been described in English medical literature till date since first published in 1969. We present a case of recurrent hemoptysis caused by bronchial stump aspergillosis, first reporting from India, and systematically analyze the literature for all the reported cases of bronchial stump and anastomosis aspergillosis in patients with lung surgery other than transplantation.


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