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Sequential use of cryoextraction postelectrocautery for airway recanalization using fiberoptic bronchoscopy



Airway obstruction presents with dyspnea, cough, hemoptysis, and atelectasis. Removing or decreasing the size of the obstructing lesions improves patient’s symptoms and life quality.


Assessing the efficacy and safety of sequential use of cryoextraction and electrocautery in achievement of airway patency using fiberoptic bronchoscopy (FOB).

Patients and methods

This study was conducted at the Chest Medicine Department, Mansoura University, Egypt and included 22 patients with central airway obstruction (15 males and seven females) with a mean age of 50.5 ± 18.3 years. After etiologic diagnosis of airway obstruction, they were divided into two groups: group A (nonmalignant); eight patients and group B (malignant); 14 patients. All patients were subjected to sequential use of cryoextraction after electrocautery. Operable, unfit patients or patients with extraluminal obstruction were excluded. Clinical, radiological, functional, and bronchoscopic data were evaluated before and after FOB.


The improvement in performance scale was highly significant in group B (P < 0.001) and significant in group A (P = 0.001). Spirometric parameters improved in both groups but were highly significant in group B (P < 0.001). Radiological improvement occurred in four out of eight of group A and in three out of 14 of group B. FOB score improved in group B (P = 0.003) and was more significant in group A. The procedure was complicated with atrial fibrillation and hemoptysis in one case and postbronchoscopy hypoxemia in two cases with no deaths.


Cryoextraction after electrocautery using FOB are effective, safe, easy, and cheap in achieving airway patency. Egypt J Broncho 2015 9:269–275


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